Kihim is a fantastic and beautiful village north of Alibag. Kihim Beach can be visited by sea and road. It is about 100 km from Mumbai and is perfect for a weekend holiday. tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports, tent vacations and breathtaking views of the place. Kihim beach have coconut trees and enveloped with a pollution free green atmosphere in all over kihim. kihim beach is very popular for various reasons because of it just located 12 Km from Alibaug, 120 Km away from Mumbai and 142Km from pune. Kihim is surrounded by various trees like coconut trees and wildflowers, where colorful butterflies wondering every time. you can enjoy beach activity like Jet ski, Banana rides, Bumper ride, Kayaking and many other water sports activities. Kihim village was developed in the 17th century during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj under the supervision of Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre. Since the beach is not completely explored by the tourists, one can enjoy the beautiful beaches in this place. Kihim grew up and became a part of Ashtagare (eight villages). Known for its relatively torrential rains during the rainy season, Kihim is one of the most famous beaches, with its brochure blue sea and lush rows of palm and coconut trees.


The beach is flawless, and the water is completely safe, which attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Along with the charm of the sandy white plain, the beach is full of greenery. Insects such as butterflies and bees come to visit the flowers around the beach. Birds also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Kihim as a variety of migratory and endemic birds are seen in different seasons. Formerly known as ‘Bird Watchers Paradise’, Kihim still offers many exotic species of birds and shrubs. The Kankeshwar Temple is one of the many famous attractions in Kihim which ensures complete divinity upon arrival. The 300-year-old Colaba Fort is famous for its intricate carvings, temples of local deities, and freshwater tanks in the center of its surroundings. Kihim beach is a less frequent tourist destination, boasting of its Cerulian blue sea and waves surging after a polluted beach. The Khanderi fort, formerly built on a small island in 1678, is accessible by boat. Kihim is a very popular and pure beach famous for various reasons. It has amazing dense coconut trees which makes it a pollution free green environment. The place has its own beauty and has a variety of wood as its covering. This is a perfect place for nature lovers who love to spend time in nature.

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